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Slashy Summer Fun's Journal

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14th May 2007

mirasol2:35am: I will be deleting this community in the near future. If you have stories here that do not appear elsewhere you may wish to save and repost them in your journals.

16th September 2005

suki_blue9:01pm: Fic: Just Dance - 1/1 - Xander/Angel
Title: Just Dance

Pairing: Xander/Angel

Genre: Comedy, romance

Rating: R for light sexual content and a spot of healthy, non-angsty violence.

Warnings: Angst for approx 5.6 seconds ~g~ Het (Nothing even slightly graphic) This is a sequel of sorts to Just Begun, but it can be read as a standalone.

Background: Angel and Xander have been together for several months, although Xander still lives in sunnydale and Angel lives in LA. Xander is best friends with Spike and they both visit Angel and another special someone on a regular basis.

Summary: On the night before Spike and Xander have to go home, they join Angel and 'special someone' on an undercover mission to bust up an arms deal during 'Abba Night' in a gay club.

Beta'd by kitty_poker1. Thanks, darlin'. And ta for the last minute help. ~bg~

Written for slashysummerfun with the prompt: Does Your Mother know? By Abba.

Just Dance
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15th September 2005

txrabbit8:12pm: Love Shack
A quick grin for my slashy fun day!

The Love Shack
by: RSK

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult
Feedback: Absolutely.
Disclaimer: A Full Disclaimer can be found here, but be assured, none of this is mine.
Warnings/Squicks: None.
Summary: A quick picture of our boys from hate to lust.
Author's Note: This was written for slashysummerfun and my assigned song was Love Shack by The B-52s. Thanks to darkhavens for the quick look-see. *smootch*

Tin Roof... Rusted
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14th September 2005

strickens_girl6:59pm: Do Ya' Feel Lucky? Angel/Xander 1/1
This was written for the slashysummerfun ficathon. This was based very loosely around the song "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz. Ok, not really. I took the song and went with the whole Clint Eastwood idea. This was supposed to be completely nonw angsty and totally fluffy...didn't work out that way, not with the way my week is going.

Special thanks to velvetwhip for the quick and lovely beta, even though she's not a fan of Xangel. *g*

Title: Do Ya' Feel Lucky?
Pairing: Angel/Xander
Rating: Mild/Teen
Spoilers: Inca Mummy Girl
Setting: Ok, so the stupid kid never breaks the seal of the Inca Mummy so she never rises and Ampata, the boy, successfully makes his way to Sunnydale. Angel and Xander bond over their mutual dislike of the newcomer.

Lifeless for THOSE A definition for what life is. Priceless to you because I put ya on the hype shift. Ya like it? GUN smokin' righteous but one talkin' psychic. Among knows possess you with one though.Collapse )

10th September 2005

gryvon3:28pm: Fic: Sun is Shining (Spike/Xander)
Here's Sept 10th's story for the Summer Fun Slash-a-thon.

Title: Sun is Shining
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Based loosely off Bob Marley's Sun is Shining. Very loosely.

A cheerful shout woke Spike from his slumber...Collapse )

4th September 2005

nashmaveric11:05am: Fic: Postcards from Europe
Title: Postcards from Europe
Co-Authors: nash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Not mine, Joss' *pout*

A/N: Sequel to Lovers Walk Redux and LWR: Escape From Sunnydale.

A/N2: The postcards were taken from various websites.

LyricsCollapse )


Wherein Xander sends a bunch of post cardsCollapse )

1st September 2005

callmesandy7:02pm: Wes/Gunn "We Won't Blink" (PG)
Please don't reproduce or archive without my explicit permission.

September 1st! Here it is!
[We Won't Blink]
Angel the Series. PG. Pre-Belonging. Wes/Gunn.
One night, under the stars, in Angel's car.

Thanks to topaz119 and mosca.

25th August 2005

spikendru10:58am: Fic: Breathless S/A

Written for mirasol's:
Summer Fun Slash-a-thon—an angstless 'thon. The fic should not contain angst. We want fun or fluff here, thank you.

Author: spikeNdru
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: PG
Posting date: 8/25/05
Song Prompt: Breathless
Breathless lyrics
Download Breathless

Many thanks to makd for the beta.



23rd August 2005

writan_bur7:35am: Fic: Sunny Afternoon
It's the 23rd here in Europe, so I'm gonna post now, before I forget.

Was late in finishing this, so sadly it's not betaed. Also very short, and no smut. :-(

Title: Sunny Afternoon
Author: akinaj
Fandom: Buffyverse
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: 12+ (yeah, I know, pathetic!)

Category: fluff, shmoop
Summary: Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

Feedback: Makes me write more and faster!
Concrit: by email, please
Feedback address: akinaj @ livejournal.com

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.

22nd August 2005

_beetle_6:50pm: *ducks head in shame and chagrin*

It's up.

It's not fluffy enough.

I suck.

Flog me--okay, no, I'd probably enjoy that. Throw monkey-poo at my head.

Shall I scrap&rewrite, or will that just exacerbate matters?

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20th August 2005

darkhavens9:45pm: Fic: 'Hot In The City' 1/1 for slashysummerfun
Author: darkhavens
Title: Hot In the City 1/1
Pairing: Spike/Xander of Buffy
Rating: NC-17... for demon tail
Words: 2,200ish
Feedback: Please
Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Um, see 'Rating' above
Summary: It's Club Night and someone wants to play
Notes: written for the slashysummerfun angst-free community.

It was Club Night again...

18th August 2005

rayne_y_daze12:00am: Fic: Holiday Out
Okay, it's finally midnight here, so I'm done waiting and tweaking on this story. For good or ill, here's a little angstless Giles/Ethan action.

Title: Holiday Out
Author: rayne_y_daze
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating: Mild PG
Summary: Giles sneaks away on holiday.
Word Count: 4220
A/N: Written for the slashysummerfun Angstless-athon; song cue was "Celebrate Summer" by T-Rex.
A/N2: AU - in fact, this puts the "A" in AU. Eyghon still happened, but Giles and Ethan dealt with it together. Giles returned to his calling as a watcher, but kept Ethan in his life, so none of Ethan's mischief occured. Ethan has basically taken Olivia's place as Giles' occasional orgasm friend, but Giles won't tell the kiddies about him...
A/N3: This takes place sometime after Graduation Day.
A/N4: Is it just me, or does angst-less require more A/N's?
Disclaimer: If they were mine, they'd have more fun.
Warnings: Well, it's slash, but we knew that. :-) Mild references to drug use.

Also, here, there be schmoop. If Harlequin® has gay subdivision, I think I've found my calling.
Road Trip!!Collapse )
alizarin_nyc12:04am: "Perfect Day" by Alizarin for slashysummerfun: Wes/Gunn
Title: Perfect Day
Author: Alizarin (alizarin_nyc)
Ficathon: "slashysummerfun"
Pairing: Wes/Gunn
Song: “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed
Rating: R
Note: Angst-free: more difficult than it first appears!
Summary: Two gallant heroes save the day and in the process, have a very perfect day.

Perfect DayCollapse )

16th August 2005

samsara_sv9:26pm: Dammit - I have to go first?
Well here it is - it's 9:30 Pm Aug 16th here, and my offering is below, to avoid teh angst I went the full on smut route I believe!

Author: Samsara_sv
Pairing : Spike/Xander
Rating : NC-17 for graphic smuttiness
Disclaimer : Just in case someone really has been hiding under a rock for several years and doesn’t know all characters portrayed within this piece of fanfiction belong to the great Joss Whedon, ME, Pet Fly and various other people and corporations who are all not even remotely me. No profit made – just having fun.
A/N: Non-specific S6ish timeline. Spike has chip but never was more than an ally of Buffy’s – certainly no relationship beyond that. Pre-established S/X relationship – some D/s but nothing too heavy or BDSM. Switching POV but hopefully not too confusing. (?)
A/N 2: I had NO IDEA when I signed up quite how difficult a totally angst-free fic would turn out to be. Valuable exercise but way more taxing than I expected. This whole thing was written pretty much in two days (one of them at work) with not a lot of finishing off and twitching to prevent the worst of the typo-beasts and grammar fragment monsters– so not beta’d and quite possibly (probably) sucks sweaty monkey balls but here it is none-the-less.
Effectively this is an extended/long PWP, not even a smidgeon of a plot but plenty of action! The link to the prompt song – well it’s so tenuous as to be pretty much invisible – it’s based on the feeling of ups and downs in your stomach etc and of taking a wild ride… oh and the liquorice twist line just had to be worked in there somewhere though it certainly didn’t get used at all the way I first envisioned.

this way to the crack fluffCollapse )
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15th August 2005

mirasol10:31pm: And we're off...
Just a quick post to let you know that when your fic is ready (but not before the date you chose, please) you need to either post it in the community - or post a link to whereever you've got it if you'd prefer that.

Everyone has posting access.

Any questions? Just ask.

11th July 2005

mirasol10:00pm: Summer Fun Slash-a-thon Sign-ups Here!
So if you're here, I'm hoping that you like the idea of an angstless 'thon - and that the angstlessness should extend to the rules. No manic pairings here (unless that's your thing), no minimum/maximum word count and you choose the due date.

Sound good? So sign up already! Pwwlease...

The Rules (as there have to be some, I'm not that anarchic)
1) The fic needs to be slashy. Not necessarily smutty, but it needs to focus on some kind of same-sex relationship within either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel the Series. Just to make it clear, f/f slash is as welcome here as m/m slash.
2) The fic should not contain angst. We want fun or fluff here, thank you.
3) You choose the date you want to post - there is a song attached to each date, but I'll be flexible if you want to use something else as a prompt. I'm not asking for songfics (but I'm not banning them either) - they're just there to help you.
4) Please sign up using the following format:
Name on lj:
Pairing you want to write:
Date requested:
5) Have Fun!

won't you come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly...Collapse )
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